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Turbo Trial (ended)

Lowered the boost some

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Today I lowered the boost to 8 - 9 psi.  The reason behind doing this is because I am still running the stock bottom end on this motor and I kind of want it to last.  Though 10 - 11psi is not all that high, it did put the engine somewhere close to the 200 HP mark which is pushing it on the stock internals.  Not that dropping 2 psi makes that much difference.  It does attest to the thing I like best about this turbo, the ability to fine tune the boost.  With just a 10mm wrench and about 2 minutes you can adjust the boost to any level you want.  There is also no boost creep what so ever.

I am fast approaching the 10,000 mile mark with no problems thus far other then some simple tweaks with the install.  Be sure to check back for the 10k update.




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