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Turbo Trial (ended)

The method to the madness

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The method to the madness.


I have always been a big fan of budget building.  I always try to save as much money as possible but still try to uphold some higher standard of quality.  Whether this is accomplished by making custom parts or modifications on my own, or seeking out quality in inexpensive merchandise.  So, when I decided to turbo charge my 99 Civic it was only natural that I did it with price in mind.  When my buddy called me up and said he had a new, complete SSAutoChrome turbo kit that he would sell me cheap, I was certainly interested.  Of course I had heard all the horror stories about these turbos on the internet.  Who hasn?t!?  Rather then just saying no, I decided to dig a little deeper, looking into some of the problems reported with these turbos and maybe some of the work-a-rounds for them.  After lots of searching I could find no long term tests or anything on these turbos.  Just a lot of word of mouth knocks against their quality.  After collecting as much knowledge on the subject as I could but still ultimately feeling empty handed I decided just to go for it and purchase the kit.  With this kit in hand I decided since there was really no documented real world testing on these turbos I would keep an online journal of my findings.   The turbo trial project was born.

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