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Turbo Trial (ended)

8000 miles and some thoughts

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After yet again reading some hate mail directed toward this SSAutoChrome turbo trial, I have come to a few conclusions.  The more products you distribute, the more problems you?re going to have, that?s a fact.  If you did a study on how many Hondas were serviced for problems vs. lets say Ferrari's, of course the Hondas would have a MUCH higher number. This does not mean that Hondas are junk necessarily, it simply means there are more units sold to potentially have a problem.  Now I am by no means saying SSAutoChrome turbos and parts are built as well as some other name brand turbos, they are certainly not, BUT don?t discredit the entire line of products just because there are more people saying they are junk.


With that said, I have now put over 8000 hard miles on my setup with nary a problem in site.  Of course, there is a little oil spit in the charge piping, but that is to be expected. As I have to keep explaining to people, good to be wet and cool then dry and dead.  I once owned a Nissan 300ZX turbo which did the same thing, and that?s right from the factory.  It?s just a characteristic of bushing type turbos.  I will admit I did changed the BOV to an HKS; however, this was only for cosmetic reasons, as the SSAutoChrome BOV is rather large and gaudy.  The car remains at 11psi of boost.

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