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Turbo Trial (ended)

5000 mile checkup

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5000 mile checkup

Last week I took the car in to get a new 2.5" exhaust custom built from the turbo back.  After I got the car back from the shop I decided to address some other issues that had been bothering me since the initial turbo install. Frist, the charge piping was just thrown in place to get the car on the road.  I took the turbo kit compleatly off the car, while I was at it I also removed the AC system.  Redid the charge piping and reinstalled it all, correcly this time.  I also painted the intercooler flat black and recessed it into the lower grille a bit more for a stealth look.

The turbo itsself looks great.  Aside from redoing the seal on the oil return flange no other maintenance was required.  I removed the down pipe on the exhaust side to inspect the turbine and waste gate valve and found everything to be in good order.  I also took a look at the compressor blades and found no sign of rubbing or contact.  The bearings are holding up well, the shaft spins freely and there is no play.  I did find some oil in the charge piping but this is normal for a sleeve bearing type turbo.  The oil must get to every spot of the bearing and seals and thus a fine mist of oil does slip by which can build up over time. 

After everything was back together I adjusted the turbo for 11psi.  We'll see how its holding up in a few thousand.

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