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Turbo Trial (ended)

Initial thoughts and testing

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Well, I have only had the turbo installed for 4 days and have put 100 miles on the car.  I have done a few WOT (wide open throttle) runs but have basically tried to be easy on things.  For one I have yet to install a boost gauge so I have set the boost at its lowest setting, 4 - 5psi I am guessing.  I am also lacking a air filter, since its been nothing but rain the past week this isnt such a big deal but once its dry and dusty serious damage to the engine could result.  Everything seems to be working well.  I have noticed a small drop of oil collecting at the end of the turbo inlet after it cools down and sits over night.  I have yet to pull the charge piping off to check for oil spit.   It is normal for all turbos to spit 'some' oil.  When you have a shaft spinning that fast oil is needed to cool the bearings and seals.  This means some oil has to slip past the seals to lubricate them. Hopfully in a few days I will get my boost and oil pressure gauges in so I can keep a better eye on what is going on.  More extensive testing will follow.

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