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resistor pack and injector install

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Installing the DSM 450cc injectors.

Bigger injectors are needed to keep up with the increased fuel needs of a turbo charged engine.  These injectors happen to be low resistance injectors and the stock for this car are high resistance.  That means that a resistor block is needed to bring the resistance of the injectors up to a level that will not harm the ECU.  I built my own although a Honda OEM resistor block could also be used.  I also had to change the plugs on the harness to fit these injectors.  I started by mounting the block on the firewall. I then cut off the stock injector plugs making a note of the wire colors and placement.  I then spliced the switched 12 volt yellow/black into the resistor block and the output wires to the positive side of the injector plugs.  The negative side of the injector plug then is spliced to the correct return wire color.  These injectors have a slightly larger base then the Honda injectors which makes them fit snug in the intake seals.  Slight modification of the seals and some gental persuasion gets them in place.


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