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Turbo Trial (ended)

Turbo Installed

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Finally installed!

Got some friends together Saturday the 8th and attacked the turbo project.  It took about 7 hours total to get the kit installed and working.  There we a few problems to overcome but all in all it was a pretty easy install.  One of the main problems was the lower down pipe for the exhaust was slightly off and would not bolt up correctly with the stock mid pipe.  After cutting and rewelding the upper flange it fit better with a little persuasion.  Some creative fab work was also needed on the charge piping.  Of course this kit is designed to work with other intercoolers and turbos so a little fab work is expected.  Things seem to be working well so far.  No smoke or oil from the turbo.  There are still a few bugs to work out.  The charge piping is too low in the front and will need to be re routed.  Also the welder ran out of gas so the welds are really crappy and should be redone.  I am going to see about getting a new down pipe sent to me that fits a little better.  I also have no boost gauge installed yet so there was a little guess work going on there.  Now if the engine holds up we will be set.  A turbo will bring out the weakness in any engine.

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