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Resistor block Version 2

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Resistor Block 2.0

At first I added the resistors in line with each injector but heat was a big problem.  I figured making a block and adding a heat sink was the best way. 

This simple diagram (courtesy hondata.com) shows how the wiring works. Contrary to what some web sites say the yellow/black wires are actually +12 volts.. NOT ground.  The ground side of the injectors go directly to the ECU.  The ECU controls the injectors by compleating the ground.

Wiring this up is actually quite easy.  Since all the injectors use a constant 12 volt source the resistors can be bundled together on the input side.  I used 16 gauge wire for the individual runs and 10 gauge for the single 12 volt lead.  When I install the resistor pack I will simply bundled the four existing yellow/black wires together and solder them to the 10 gauge red wire for my switched 12 volt source.

The output side of the resistors need to be kept seperated so that each injector has its own individual resistor.  Bundleing the output side of the resistors like the input side would result in a 40 ohm resistace before the injectors.  Remember.. leave extra wire when building something such as this. You can always trim during the install. 

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