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Turbo Trial (ended)

A Closer Look

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A closer look at the components.
No bent flanges to be found and all the welds look 'OK'.  The intercooler has been pressure tested and passed. The piping is just that.. piping.. round, shiny, smooth. The BOV assembly seems top notch.  It works smooth with no sticking or binding. All the parts and peices of the accessory kit look well built. All the tubing and fittings are fine quality and fit together nicely. The intercooler is well built and past a pressure test performed by me.  I once heard a rumor that when these intercoolers fail a pressure test they suck some kind of epoxy in them to seal them up.  I found no trace of epoxy in or on this cooler.

A closer look at the turbo.
The turbo housing looks fine on both the exhaust and compressor side with no left over casting. Everything fits nice and snug and is sealed. Clearances between blade and housing seem to be correct.  There is no binding of the shaft of blades. The construction of the inernal and external components of the waste gate are very solid.  The entire turbo looks well assembled with no slop in any parts.  There is also what appears to be a balance mark on the compressor blades which leads me to believe it may have very well been spin balanced.

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