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Turbo Trial (ended)

It is finished!!

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After 18,505 hard miles, the turbo is dead, it's that simple.   I had the car in my shop for two weeks mocking up and installing new charge piping.  I also ran a new steel oil supply line for the turbo.  While I was in there I checked the end play and side to side motion on the turbo to find it out of spec. The compressor wheel does not rub the housing, but it sure seems like it should. 

Due to leaky turbo seals I had previously reduced the turbo oil supply pressure to around 10 - 15psi at 3000rpm.  With the new oil supply setup I am now running around 20 - 25 psi, which should be safe for any turbo.  With this increase in pressure the current turbo spits excessively from the exhaust side leading to a smoking exhaust.  I was surprised to find only a tiny bit of oil in the inter cooler however the thin film of oil throughout the charge piping says the compressor side seals are worn as well.

The turbo does still spool quickly and build full boost.. 12psi if I push it hard.  Although it has not failed yet, it is certainly in need of a rebuild (If this wasn't a throw away turbo that is).  I would consider this turbo worn beyond a usable state which brings its life span just shy of 20k miles.  Far short of any OE turbo you would find.  Although the turbo remains on the car for now until I find a suitable replacement I consider it dead, and this trial over. 

In conclusion I do not regret the purchase of this turbo kit, and although a few parts and pieces had to be replaced along the way.  It has served me well and has left me with no damage to my engine other then the wear and tare of ripping on it with boost.  Of course there are far far better turbos and kits on the market, but you are going to pay a lot higher prices for them.  It's all in what you want to spend. 

I will post some final pictures of the turbo and manifold when I pull it off the car and examine it closer.

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