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Turbo Trial (ended)

What the heck is going on here!

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 I guess its time for another update on the ebay turbo. 

A couple weeks ago I was picking up my daughter from daycare (yes this is a family vehicle too) I noticed some blue smoke trailing the car.  I stopped and checked the oil lines but I didn't see anything wrong so I continued on my way.  I noticed some smoke under moderate acceleration a couple other times after that but just attributed it to the failing turbo. 

Last week I decided to pull the car out from under cover and romp on it a bit.  I turned up the oil pressure to the turbo from 20psi to around 40psi at 3000rpm but.. no smoke, and it hasn't smoked since.  Seems the turbo seals have reseated themselves somewhat. 

My new manifold is in the shop and finished so this turbo is soon to be replaced.  More on that later!

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