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Turbo Trial (ended)

16,000 Mile checkup

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Today I surpassed 16,000 miles on the ol eBay turbo.  I never through it would make it past the first 5000.  I have noticed a small amount of blue smoke in the exhaust during moderate acceleration while the engine is cold.  I believe this to be coming from leaky exhaust side seals on the turbo, though may be coming from the engine it's self.  She is getting rather old and wearing out.

Due to some legal stuff I am going through, as well as moving to a new house ( with a shop  )  the new turbo project has been put on hold.  The eBay turbo will remain installed as long as it holds out.  Plans this summer include rebuilding the bottom end of the motor and a new bigger turbo.  I am undecided on what brand or type of turbo at this point. 

Current specs on the eBay turbo are:

16,000 working miles 
Normal boost of 10.5 psi,
10 - 15 psi of oil supply pressure.

Making 211whp @ 6900 rpm and 178 lb of torque @ 6100 rpm.

This turbo really fizzles out like mad past 7000 rpm. Personally I do not like high revving motors; shifting usually somewhere around 6800 - 7000rpm.  Kinda strange to say that but work on Hondas huh?  lol

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