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Turbo Trial (ended)

because people keep asking

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There are a lot of people asking me if I have had to tweak anything on this setup.  The answer, of course I have.  I wouldn’t expect any aftermarket turbo setup to be 100% perfect. 

Charge pipe
The first tweak was the charge pipe. There was a little cutting and adding involved to get it all to fit correctly.  The reason for this is because the kit was designed to fit a 5th gen 92 – 95 Civic, I put it on a 6th gen ’99 Civic.

Blow Off Valve
I replaced the BOV with an older HKS because even though the BOV functioned to the best of its design, I liked the HKS way better.  Besides, I am not sponsored by ssautochrome so if something works better of course I would go with it.

Oil lines
Both the pressure and return lines have been replaced.  The fittings are still the original.  I would not recommend using the lines that come with this kit if you were to buy one.  The oil return line was the first to go, although it was not leaking it was showing signs of stress.  I replaced it with some large transmission cooler line from an auto parts store.  The pressure line seemed to be some kind of PVC wrapped with stainless steel.  About 4 months after the install the heat from the manifold had weakened it so it had to be replaced.  The replacement line is actually a custom made small hydraulic line from a local tractor supply shop. This works very well, and at 3800psi it’s very well made.

As for the turbo itself, it is all original with no repairs needed.

I must say again. I am not here to promote these products, they are far from the best made parts in the world.  This is simply a log of my results.  I am planning a new custom turbo setup and it will most likely NOT include any ssautochrome parts.

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