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Turbo Trial (ended)

follow up to last post, PSI vs. CFM

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Well, because of overwhelming email responses about the last post in the turbo trial I decided I better clear things up a bit.  When I said the turbo spiked to 16psi I did NOT mean that was a sustained 16psi of boost.  It was just a spike to about 16 around 5000 at WOT.. the turbo can BARELY keep up with a sustained pressure of 12psi.  Even at that pressure, the CFM (cubic feet per minute) is so low that a larger turbo (t3/t4) would well out perform this turbo in total CFM rate at a much lower pressure.. 8 – 10 PSI perhaps.   Yes that’s right.. PSI is different then CFM.. just because your pumping the charge pipe up with 12psi of pressure does not mean that that air is moving fast through the turbo.  Remember, a smaller turbo means less exhaust flow, restrictive exhaust flow means more pressure in the intake.. get it? 

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