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Turbo Trial (ended)

10k Mile Checkup

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10,000 mile checkup

Well.. it?s been 10,000 miles (actually 10,300 at the time I am writing this) since the turbo install so I decided to pull things off and do a little checking.  Aside from a few small oil leaks in the plumbing (no fault of the turbo) the turbo its self has been performing excellent up to this point so I have no cause for concern about anything.  I started by removing the turbo and manifold as one unit from the engine so I could get a better look at things.  I found a small amount of oil in the charge piping where it exits the turbo, but not enough to worry about.  There was no oil in the intercooler or anything.  In an oil cooled bushing type turbo such as this you just have to accept that a small drop of oil may form around the outside of the seals when the turbo cools down and will eventually enter the charge piping.  As for the manifold, everything looks good.  No cracks or weak spots that I could find.  I did spend some time on the exhaust ports though.  The head I am running is ported to the exhaust gasket size and the manifold is not.  This crated a small lip when entering the manifold from the head.  I used a course metal grinding bit to work the flange down and smooth out the exhaust flow going into the manifold. 


Looking closer at the turbo I found what appeared to be some rub marks on the inside of the compressor housing.  At first I figured the turbo bearings were going and thus causing the compressor blades to rub.  Once I took the turbo apart though and checked the shaft end play and movement, every thing seemed fine.  A bit puzzled by this I started looking at the compressor housing and found that the rubbing was entirely my fault.  The last time I had the turbo apart I had not properly set the seal around the compressor housing where it met the turbo.  This caused the compressor housing to be slightly crooked and thus making the compressor blades rub slightly.   This time before I put the turbo back together a removed a little of the excess o ring that was making it not set right in the compressor housing.  To make sure it didn?t move anywhere I also put a very thin layer of high temp RTV sealant on the housing to hold the gasket nicely in place.  Once it was all back together.. well what do ya know.. no more rubbing.  I installed a new copper exhaust gasket.  Resealed all the oil lines and had her back on the road in a couple of hours.


In conclusion I would like to point out the fact that this is a $800 turbo kit?. I myself never expected it to last this long under the stress that I have put it though.  The fact that it made it to and past the 10,000 mile mark has been well worth the $800 spent on it.  Anything more is just gravy in my book.  I will keep posting my findings every few thousand miles so do check back.

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