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Turbo Project II

Its been a while

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Well, its  been a while since I have written anything in this turbo blog thing so I figured I would updated it.  According to the number of visitors to this section, people actually do read it, or at least look! HA

I am still rockin the ebay turbo.. I have lost track of the mileage though.. its been almost a year since my last post, but the car didn't run for most of the winter due to a long suspension upgrade.  Plus it just plain doesn't like cold weather and I don't like getting road salt on it.

Turbo is still pumping though it is starting to show some wear.  I am noticing a tiny bit of oil mist in the exhaust, not enough to make it smoke or anything but it does show the turbo is wearing.  I think I may go water cooled for the next turbo but I am not sure yet.  I now have the 1992 Accord project to work on, which, I don't think I have posted anything about on spdweb.net. Anyway, I am sure I will get around to making some changes to 'lil red at some point and I will post them here.

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