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Turbo Project II

10,000 miles passed

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10,000 miles!  A milestone for a sub $200 eBay turbo. lol  I seem to be having good luck with these cheap China turbos. No problems with this one yet and I have still yet to install the oil line kit I bought.  I am running this turbo with no restriction.. it sees full oil pressure to the top of the turbo.  I have been wondering if I should go ahead and buy a backup that I could pop on when this one fails.

Now that I am running eCtune I can do some really neat things with the boost.  My next purchase is going to be the eCtune boost controller so I can control boost levels per gear, rpm or throttle position.  Since the controller is normally closed it totally eliminates premature opening of the waste gate.  This will allow for much better spool times then I have now with my manual boost controller and diaphragm type waste gate. I really have my eye on that new Synapse Engineering Synchronic Wastegate. Knowing me though I will wait for a cheaper knock off to arrive  :) 

Happy boosting.

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