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Turbo Project II

Seeking more from the turbo

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After playing around with some higher boost levels I quickly found out that my fuel delivery system was inadiquit to cope with the higher CFM of this new larger turbo. In order to get more available fuel I installed a higher capacity pump and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

For the pump I went with a Walbro 255lph in tank pump, which is a direct replacment for the OEM pump. Installation was super simple and the pump came with everything I needed to get the job done. The pump is a lot louder then the OEM pump but that was to be expected.

Along with the pump I installed a B&M CommandFlo fuel pressure modifier which allows me to dial in a pricice fuel pressure at WOT. I found 50 - 55psi works quite well. I also installed a B&M filter mounted fuel pressure gauge as well which makes adjusting fuel pressure simple.

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