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Turbo Project II

Total Build Tally

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 Ok so I did get a little overly cheap on this one.  I went a little more on the cost side then quality.  The engine is getting a little old and I decided I would throw a cheap kit together and romp on it some.

 Turbo, T3/T4 (eBay)  $120
 Charge Pipe, Universal 3" (eBay)  $80
 Intercooler (from previous build)  $70
 Waste Gate, 38mm (eBay)  $130
 Turbo Manifold (eBay)  $90
 BOV (from previous build)  $39 (used)
 Down pipe w/ flex coupler (DIY)  $80
 Misc Flanges, fittings and hoses  $25
 Oil Line Kit (1/10/08) (eBay)  $89
 Total Time (including shopping)  10 Hours

 Total Build Tally  ~$723

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