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Turbo Project II

Blow Off Valve Mount

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 While installing the new turbo I decided to replace the charge pipe as well with some light weight aluminum pipe.  The problem being my 'vintage' HKS blow off valve which I LOVE and will not part with only has a metal flange. The quickest and easiest way to make it work was to make a PVC mount that fit tight against the pipe but was flat on top.  To do this I started with a solid piece of PVC lumber and used a 2.5" hole saw in a drill press to go down through it.  This took care of the radius that would fit against the pipe.  I then used a scroll saw to cut out the shape of the mount to the flange and then drilled a hole through the center.  After this was complete I sanded it smooth and epoxied it to the pipe.  The mounting bolts go through the valve and mount and then are fastened from inside the pipe to clamp everything together tight.  A small amount of epoxy was used on the end of the bolts to keep the nuts from backing off and getting swallowed by the intake... This would be very bad!


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