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Oil return line

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Here I am installing a new oil return line to replace the old an old and leaky line. In a hurry to get the car on the road I simply used a rubber hose and barbed fitting when I first installed the turbo kit. It has served me well for going on 3 years but it should be done right so I got some braided line and fittings. Little tip.. if you value your sanity at all.. DO NOT get cheap ebay fittings. These are cheap fittings and I had to fight them every step of the way.. and actually broke one of the 45* fittings just tightening it up. Luckily the kit also came with a straight fitting which worked out better in the end anyway. I tried several different techniques for cutting the braided cable. These included, band saw, sharp chisel, tubing cutters and thin cutting disc. The two that worked the best were the chisel and cutting wheel. It cut with the chisel I got a nice sharp 2" wide flat chisel.. rapped the tube with tape and then gave the chisel a good wack with a hammer. This worked but also crushed the tubing. The cleanest cut was using the angle grinder and thin disc. Make sure you wash out the tubing after doing this though. Then to get the fittings on I sprayed a liberal amount of WD40 on all the threads and ends. Unfortunately due to the tight space I had to snug things up with pliers which ended up scaring up the aluminum fittings but oh well. Its meant to work.. not be pretty.