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Injen ShortRam installation

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Injen short ram air intake install.

Replacing cold air intake with Injen short ram intake for z6 intake manifold upgrade.

Since this Injen air intake is designed for a 92-95 z6 intake manifold which is now in my 1999 civic a special bracket was needed to secure the intake. The bracket was machined out of a 1"x1" aluminum angle stock. Two 45 degree cuts, and bent into a 90 degree angle, then polished.
The MSD coil that was previously attached directly to the strut tower will be moved to brackets to make room for the Injen intake. On the far right is the bracket I made for the intake. The middle and left brackets are for the MSD coil to sit on. The coil brackets are crude and temporary, but work well enough to get everything installed. I will later fashion permanent 'pretty' brackets for the coil such as the one for the intake and polish them. YUCK and paint those nasty scratches.
All installed! The Injen air intake makes a BIG difference. A lot more low end power vs. that with the cold air intake. Contrary to some, I am not a big fan of cold air intakes. They get wet and dirty, and have many other disadvantages for a daily driven car.
If you have an aftermarket bumper or have the bumper cut out such as mine, enough air gets pushed into the engine compartment at speeds of 30mph and over that I feel it doesn't make much of a difference. BUT BUT! The dyno says CAI does make a difference.. well.. your not going 30mph on the dyno now are you?