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B&M CommandFlo Pressure Modifier

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Installation of a B&M CommandFlo fuel pressure modifier.
I installed this B&M CommandFlo fuel pressure modifier to compliment a new Walbro 255 fuel pump. Pressures are now adjustable from about 20psi to well over 80. I found I get the best performance with the pressure around 50 -55psi. This is not so high as to over heat the injectors yet still creates good fuel delivery at high rpm.
Assembly and installation is pretty simple as shown in the gallery below. Before you start make sure to carefully bleed fuel pressure from the line and un hook the battery. You may want to get a reading of the stock fuel pressure before you start disconnecting things. Remember to always disconnect the vacuum from the regulator while getting fuel pressure readings. This will give you a good base pressure to start from. Also be very careful when you cut the top of the OEM regulator as there is a rubber diaphragm and plunger in there that has to stay intact. I cleaned the regulator up some with sand paper after I cut it to make sure the CommandFlo would have a good seal on the regulator.
After installation start the car but leave the vacuum line OFF of the CommandFlo (You may have to plug the line if the engine will not run), adjust to CommandFlo to the proper pressure.