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B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge

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This article explains how to install a filter mounted fuel pressure gauge. I chose the B&M pressure gauge because I hear rave reviews about them and the price was right.

First start by removing the fuel line from the top of the old filter by removing the bango bolt. This would probably be a good time to change the fuel filter if it hasn't been done in a while. Remember to use two wrenches, one to hold the filter and one to remove the line or you will bend the filter mount quite easily. I actually ended up using a small impact wrench to easily remove the line from the filter.

Install the supplied bango bolt and hand tighten the gauge to it. You can either install the gauge in line with the filter, or use the supplied 90* angle fitting.

I was worried about clearance to the hood so I used some clay to check for any problems.

Once I made sure everything fit properly I used some fuel and oil proof tape to seal the threads and permanently install the gauge. Turn the key on and off a couple of times to prime the fuel system but do not start the car. Check for leaks.

If you are planning to upgrade to an adjustable fuel regulator then you should take note of the stock fuel pressure at this time. That will give you an idea of the base pressure to work from.