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A little bodywork to the Olds

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I was bored, so I decided to do a little bodywork to the Oldsmobile.  This car originally came with a plastic strip that went across the back of the trunk lid.  This strip matched the reverse lights under the brake lights and made it appear as one solid piece the whole width of the car.  As anyone that may own or has seen the back of this style of Cutlass knows though, this strip quickly filled with water and was ruined about 1 year after the car was purchased.  To cure the problem the first time I removed the plastic strip and replaced it with metallic tape.  It looked fine and since this was my mother?s car I left it at that.  After 9 years though the strip has become cracked and faded into a nasty white.  Since I now have the car while my Civic is out of commission, I decided to go ahead and remove the strip and repaint the trunk with the body color.  I didn?t think to take a ?before? picture so the picture I have to start is not a very good angle.

{imggallery 19}