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2005 CTS Shifter Bushing Replacement

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2005 Cadillac CTS 3.6L 6mt

Shifter Bushing Replacement

The shifter bushings in nearly all period Cadillac CTS models with 6 speed transmissions have a tendency to go bad around 80 - 100k miles. I changed mine at 106k miles. I decided to go with Brass rather than any other material because its very hard yet wont wear the pin or lever. I will post a picture of the measurements I used.. I ended up having to still file a flat spot in each bushing so they would fit. If your going to turn some make them about 1/8" smaller.


IMAG0442    IMAG0451




Fist off.. we have Rusty.. a very seasoned machinist. He made the brass bushings for me from brass bar stock. The education I got was priceless. 




Starting to take shape here. He will use the parting tool to cut the bushing from the remaining bar stock.  



 Shiny new bushings beside the old OEM bushing.
Brass bushings and pin beside the plastic busdhings at the other end.  The bushings at the shifter end didnt show much wear so I left them  as is.  I did replace the bolt with a stainless steal bolt and nut.  

New bushings installed!  What a difference that makes.. Nearly 0 place in the shifter.