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Honda TEC Distributor cap mod

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Honda TEC Distributor cap modification

This is to quickly show how to modify an OE style distributor to run an external coil. Also this may be used to move an existing external electrode from a MSD cap to a new stock cap to save money.

There are 3 parts you will need to make the external electrode. #1 is a head off of an old style spark plug. The ones that screw onto a threaded stud on the sparkplug. #2 is a bolt that will fit this head, it will need to be about 2 inches long. The third thing is a spacer. I happened to have one from an old MSD distributor cap but anything plastic and hallow will due. A ink pen body works nicely when cut to the correct length.
First drill out the internal electrode with a 3/16" bit. Most of the time this is easier done from the front. Usually the electrode is simply screwed into the plastic but can sometimes be difficult to remove. Once drilled out a copper or metal conductor should be visible. This is what will make contact with the external electrode that will be installed next.
Slide the bolt through the hole making sure the head of it comes in contact with the internal conductor.
Slide on the spacer.

Screw the electrode end on to hold it all together.

Very simple, and very cost effective.