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Honda Door Panel and Window Removal / Replacement

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Honda door panel and window removal is basically the same for all makes and models. This is shown using the drivers door of a 2000 Accord 4 door.

Start by removing any interior lights and screws that may be in the door panel. Typically there will be two screws, one located in the pocket and the other behind the door handle. Carefully remove any screw covers if equipped.

After the screw is removed, lift up and pull back on the pocket to remove it from the door panel. Disconnect any wires that may be attached. If the equipped with crank windows, remove the crank by carefully removing the clip behind the crank and pulling the crank straight out. (not shown)

Remove the screw from the handle and slide the handle forward and out (accord). Remove any wires or rods from the handle/lock. This process is basically the same for all Honda models.

Carefully pull the mirror panel from the corner of the door. This is secured by clips in the back that push into the door frame.

Once everything is removed from the door panel it is time to remove the panel its self from the door. Start by working your work around the bottom of the panel pulling straight out to release the pressure clips from the door. The panel is secured to the door by pressure fit plastic clips.

With the window down lift up and slide the door panel off the top of the door frame.

Installation is the opposite of removal.

Window Removal

Temporally install the window switch or crank. Note: If more then one door panel is removed, in most cases all electric window switches MUST be hooked up for ANY one switch to work. This applies to the drivers door as well. With the switch installed, position the window so that the window retaining bolts are visible in the access holes.  In the case of the accord both bolts line up with the access holes at the same time.  This may not be the case with all models though, you may have to remove one both and then the other.

Slide the window forward and out of the track then lift the window straight up and out.  For rear doors the small corner window and track may have to be removed before the main window can be removed.