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Blow Off Valve Mount

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I ordered new charge pipe for the '99 Honda and was immediately faced with a problem. My BOV flange and mount are steel, and the piping I got was aluminum. For those of you that don't know, you can not weld aluminum to steel. Or at least, if there is a way, I don't know it. The BOV its self was held to the flange with 2 bolts, these going through the top of the valve down through the flange and secured by nuts at the bottom. My idea was to make a saddle that is concave on one side to fit the curve of the pipe and flat on top for the valve. The bolts could then go through the valve, flange, saddle and pipe to secure the entire thing.

I started with a block of PVC. Using a hole saw that was 2.5" (the same size as my charge pipe) I cut the correct shape I needed to fit over the pipe using the drill press. Then using a scroll saw I cut this into the rough shape of the flange. With the flange as a guide I cut the center hole as well as drilled the 2 holes for the bolts, I did this with the pipe in place so that I could get all the holes lined up exact. After some finish sanding and shaping the saddle was ready to epoxy to the pipe. For this I used 2 part epoxy making sure to remove the paint from the charge pipe first. I then temporally clamped it all together using the flange and two small bolts for the epoxy to setup. After everything is hardened simply sand, paint and install.