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Armor All Wax-it-Dry Gel

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Armor All Wax-it-Dry Gel Review

 Never a fan of new fangled waxes that promise good results with ?no? work I was a little skeptical when I came across this Wax-it-Dry gel by Armor All (not to be confused with Wax As-U-Dry spray by Eagle One).  Since my car already had a fairly shiny finish already, with no oxidation, I decided to give it a try.  The first attempt at using this product was on a warm sunny day.  I never recommend washing a car in direct sunlight let alone use any wax type products in the sun.  Needless to say once I got that car washed it dried way to fast to get a good test of the product.  What I was surprised at, however, even in the sun, with the surface of the car warm, there were no streaks left on the surface of the paint.  I was able to easily wipe the water and gel off with a synthetic chamois. 

 Not satisfied with the conditions of the first test, the next time I washed the car I waited till the sun was just below the horizon.  This is usually when I wash my cars, so that the water does not dry in place and leave spots before I have a chance to wipe it off.  This is especially true when using this product as it uses the water to spread evenly across the paint.  After washing the car like I normally would I applied a small amount of gel to the surface of the hood.  The container makes application of the product very controllable and I was easily able to squirt a thin line the whole way across the hood.  I started by placing the chamois directly on the gel when I started to dry, spreading the product around as I dried the hood off.  Be careful not to use too much of the product, as you want it to disappear as you are drying and not leave streaks.  I used this procedure on the rest of the car, drying in sections, roof, trunk and sides.  I found also that if there are any streaks when the car is dry they are very easily buffed off with a micro fiber towel.

 The results after the first washing were very satisfactory.  I have since used the product several more times after washing and found it not to leave any noticeable buildup as some wet wax products do.  I wouldn?t recommend this product be used as the soul method of waxing for the lifetime of a car?s finish, but it does make an extremely good maintenance practice between six month or once a year wax and polishing. The results shown in pictures one and two are after two uses of the product.  The third picture shows that water still beads tightly on the surface of the car.  Even after seven days of sun without washing and 2 days of rain.  Also note that the car used in this test is ?NOT? garage kept.

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