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Pops-A-Dent Review

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At first thought, the pops-a-dent system seems like a good idea.  You glue the pulling rod onto the dent, tighten it down, and pop the dent out.  This all ?sounds? good-- but does it work?  I ordered a pops-a-dent system from popsadent.com.  Once I received the product I was very anxious to try it out on a door ding I recently got in my door.  To my disappointment it would not remove this ding, as I suspected it wouldn?t.  There simply is not enough pulling force concentrated in a small enough area to pull out a small dent such as that.  Although the system may work for bigger dents, I have none on my car to try it out.  On a brighter note, I did find that the glue left no lasting marks on the paint.  Overall it was worth a shot for only $19.95. 

Shown below on a bigger dent, the results were the same.  The rolled fender is simply to thick for the pops-a-dent to work.

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