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SSAutochrome 4-1 Header Review

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ssautochrome 4 - 1 stainless steel header review.

Purchased from ssautochrome.com

Out of the box

After ordering my header from ssautochrome.com I was pleased to have it in my hands within five business days. At first glance I was immediately impressed with the construction of the header. All the welds are smoothly done with little to no welding slag left behind. The pipes are bent smoothly and cleanly inside and out making the best possibly flow pattern for the exhaust gasses. The welds on the inside of the collector are very nice with as much room as possible left for exhaust gas flow. The package contained all the appropriate hardware and gaskets for the installation and none of that parts were scratched or damaged.


I have written a quick installation guide to go along with this install. Click here to read it.

The install went great, everything bolted up nice and cleanly to the stock exhaust with the supplied hardware. I was very impressed with the precision in construction which allowed for everything to fit as it should with no bending or modifying parts.


A noticeable upgrade in performance was achieved with this install. The engine revs quicker from idle with no load and the car pulls a lot harder under acceleration. The most noticeable performance boost is felt in the higher RPM ranges between 5500 to 7000, with a slight drop off from 7000 to the 7500 RPM red line. I usually like to shift at around 6800 to 7000 RPM so this works out perfect for my gearing. I was pleased to see no loss in low end performance in fact some gain was achieved although not as dramatic as the high end gain. The header performed flawlessly while testing and developed no stress related cracks or problems. As a side note, the sound produced by this header is very nice. I am running the stock mid pipe back to a 2.25" axle back exhaust with an open tunable muffler. With all the baffles out of the muffler the sound really comes in around 2800 - 3200 RPM, right before a normal driving shift point. This makes for a nice head turner and gains a lot of attention if your into that sort of thing.

I will post some performance data numbers as they become available.


SSAutoChrome presents a quality product at a reasonable price. This header is well worth the money spent. Although the name might not be as well known as some others, I feel the product stacks up with the best of them and should be looked at as a serious performance upgrade.

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