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H4 HID Conversion Review

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After a recent bout of problems with 'exploding' halogen bulbs I finally bit the bullet and did an HID conversion on the Civic. I am really not a fan of HID conversions. I am more into performance then looks, specially when it comes to the Civic but after 2 failures, possibly due to vibration, I had enough with conventional bulbs and wanted to try something new. After looking at several kits I finally settled on one that had good reviews and seemed to be built well and of course was inexpensive. The kit came from Wholesale-HID based in Maryland, USA which is AWESOME because they are only like an hour from my location. I went ahead and ordered the 4300k kit which is the closest to white light and was pleased to have it in two business days. Other kits available for my application (H4 conversion) were available in the 6000k, 8000k and 10000k spectrum. If you are ordering lights from eBay make sure you find a distributor based in the US, do not be fooled by low prices and inflated shipping costs. I can say now that I am quite pleased with how the conversion turned out.

I was a little worried about the beam pattern and high/low switch since the lenses are designed for H4 bulbs. As you probably know, H4 bulbs use two separate filaments to switch between high and low beams. The low beam (forward filament) has a shield to block light from being projected upward into drivers eyes and the high beam (filament closer to the base) has no shield allowing light to be projected at a higher angle. HID bulbs do not use filaments, and in turn only have a single light source per bulb. The way HIDs replicate the dual filaments of standard H4 bulbs is to physically move either the light source or shield back and forth by use of a actuator or solenoid. The best of these two is to actually move the bulb its self at a slight angle as the HID kit I chose does. This more closely replicates the position of the two filaments in the H4 bulb as they are on slightly different axis.

Notice the slot cut in the shield that allows a near 360 degree output into the headlight housing during high beam operation. One thing to take note of is the difference in the beam patterns between H4 and HID. The HID lights shine MUCH father ahead yet suffer when it comes to angular light as demonstrated in the images below.



It may be possible to get a little more side lighting by slightly modifying the shield on the HID light. This of course would probably void any kind of warranty that they come with.


When first installed the bulbs must be broken in.  This may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours of burning to replicated the color advertised.  This does not have to be done all at once. Simply install the bulbs.. burn them for about 5 minutes and then use the headlights as you normally would. Don't be surprised if one bulb is a slightly different color temp at start, this will go away with time.

You may also notice a slight pop and buzzing when the bulbs are first turned on.  This will go away after the initial starting faze and will become quieter the more the bulbs are used.

As a follow up I am pleased with how this kit is performing and would recommend this HID kit to anyone looking to upgrade.

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