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Moates.net HondaLog Data Logging

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 I purchased my HondaLog for $30.00USD directly from Moates.net.  I was immediately impressed with the easy of checkout and was able to pay directly through my paypal account.  Once the unit arrived I was again impressed with the very professional way it was packaged.  The contents included the device, cables and header needed to setup the ECU for data logging.  The USB drivers were provided on CD and were very easy to install.  The entire setup is extremely straight forward.  If you are on the technical side of things you know what to do as soon as you open the package.  However, for some, the lack of paper instructions may be intimidating.

Once the ECU was physically setup for data logging I connected the HondaLog and setup Crome on my lap top which is what I will be using to log and tune. Everything worked perfectly the first time with no hassle.

I give moates.net a 9 out of 10 on this product which would be a 10 out of 10 if not for the lack of a "How to get started" insert in the packaging.  It even came with a moates.net decal for my tuning laptop.

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