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RevXtreme Catch Can Installation 2005 Cadillac CTS 3.6

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RevXtreme Catch Can review and installation
2005 Cadillac CTS 3.6

This installation will locate the catch can at the front of the vehicle behind the grill.  I believe this to be the optimum location for the can for both function and aesthetics.

Remove the engine cover by removing the oil cap and gently but briskly pulling up on the cover around all four corners.

IMG 0203


Now we remove the front grill from the bumper cover.  This is done by first removing the rubber air dam sitting between the radiator and grill, lift the rubber at the sides and remove.  The grill is removed by pulling 14 plastic rivets.  Six are located outside on top of the grill.  The other 8 are smaller and go around the inside perimeter of the grill.  Use a small screwdriver and/or a small pair of needle nosed pliers. If you break any of the rivets, these can be had aftermarket at your local parts store. Pull the grill out at each side and remove. 

IMG 0208


Remove the clip holding the wire loom from the lower left support.  Use the supplied bracket and a 3/8" x 1 1/2" bolt in the following order, from front to back, Bolt, washer, bracket, spacer, support, lock-nut, then nut.
Use the supplied 1" bolt and washer to attach the can to the bracket. As shown below. 

IMG 0212


Now that the tank is in placed and level, we will start work on the lines. 

Start this by removing the PCV dirty side connection to the rear of the passenger side valve cover, by pushing the latch toward the drivers side and pulling straight up.  

IMG 0215

Remove the passenger side bracket bolt located to the upper rear of the intake plenum.  

IMG 0222

Then remove the clip holding the driver side in place, or remove the bracket bolt on this side as well.

IMG 0237


Remove the brake booster line from the plenum. 

IMG 0223


Remove the PCV vacuum 


Carefully work the PCV pipe system out from behind the plenum and remove. 

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