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Oil filter study

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Think all oil filters are the same?  Think again.  In this study I will take a look at some of the most commonly used oil filter brands and the Honda 'type' filters they produce. 

Current filters being tested.

Fram Extended Gard
Purolator PureOne

Future Filters

Purolator Premium Plus
Fram Xtra Gard
Fram Tough Gard
Auto Zone Brand
Advanced Auto Brand
Honda OE
K&N oil filter


Please do not be fooled.  This is FAR from a laboratory style test. This is purely the opinion formed by myself after thoroughly looking over the filters and sometimes venturing in them. All measurements are taken by me using a digital micrometer.  Remember, this is only my opinion, others may vary. Unless there is a SEVERE defect in my findings I don't want to hear about it.

Results coming soon.

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