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Long Walk Home

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"Long Walk Home" 
finding myself in a place i've never been, where i don't know myself or anyone else. i can dream about the past or i can just let it go; i lost track of time five days ago. what is it about you that makes me want to stay? is it all the love? or is it just the pain? don't leave me now, we've come to far just to set our eyes on a new star. i'll ride on clouds 'til you come down, just promise me you'll always leave the ground. in the drivers seat is my self-esteem, where i know that the heart should be. i'm cleaning off these shelves to show you how i've changed, and if all goes well tonight will call for rain. i'm moving pass the past at the slowest of speeds, hoping that our loves exceeds our insecurities. finding myself... i'm running in circles, it's you i'm thinking of, and if you don't want to talk then this isn't love. a new destination, i'll say my goodbyes; with my back turned to you at least i know we tried.
- This Day & Age