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1990 subaru loyale on the Tuff Truck track

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Heres a nice Subaru.. at 8:39 in this video, it makes the fastest time yet. 

damn it, flat tire!

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What happened?  Oh.. I guess I havent been updating this in a while eh.  Flat tire today!  Stupid thing.

Flat Tire Video

Thats dumb.. How do you make a little priview thingy.

There it is... Hell yeah!



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Goodbye old friend! 

The 1999 Civic has been sold. After nearly 15 years, its by far had the longest stay in my garage than any other vehicle.  My intentions were to rebuild the engine and have it back on the road, but life got in the way.  Rather than leave it sit there and rot up, I decided to sell it.  One of my co-workers sons purchased it and is now building a monster.

IMAG0379   IMAG0381   IMAG0383

Another change in the fleet

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We have two gone and one new addition to the fleet.

The 1972 Cadillac has been sold.. so has the wifes 2010 Subaru Impreza in favor of a larger KIA Sorento.  She wanted something with a third row seat.

2011 KIA Sorento SX-V6 AWD, 6 speed auto

This is my first KIA.. in fact I had never even been in one before.  Initial impressions are good, but only time will tell how well it holds up.


spdweb subaru

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SPDWEB.net has gone... Subaru?  Sure enough, the Civic is gone, and the new toy is a 2010 2.5L Turbo WRX.

  IMAG0499   IMAG0541
  IMAG0543   IMAG0546

new stuffs

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I really have to update this thing more often.  SO.. anyway.. a lot has changed around here.  The Civic is gone! (sniff sniff). Yes.. the turbo Civic project is gone.  I sold the car and everything that goes along with it. The block, engine parts, etc etc.. all of it. The black 2005 Cadillac CTS is gone.  Way too many things wrong with that car. Problems with the valve train again that the warranty wouldn't cover so got rid of that thing.

Went to pick up this stupid little 3 wheeled golf cart, and I happened across this 1972 Cadillac Sedan Diville with 41k origional miles on it. I snatched it up for a very good price.  It needs a little work but I should be able to flip it for a decent profit.

IMAG0272   IMAG0260   IMAG0332   IMAG0336