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AF Dynamic Intake, Subaru WRX... I think

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Well.. after installing the Invidia exhaust and planning on some kind of pro tuner in the future I decided I would look at some intakes and boxes.  I settled on this AF Dynamic product I found on Amazon.  The reviews were good and the price seemed nominal.  I received the product today and set out to install it.  However.... there are a few problems. Most notable a fitment issue which is outlined below. 

Shown in the instructions, the intake tubing has a slight S bend in it, and everything lines up nicely, BUT.....



In practice, I found the tubing to only have a single bend in it which made things not quite line up correctly.  

IMAG0829    IMAG0825

Only a straight silicone coupling was provided.  While this 'technically' works.. IE: the tubing is attached and sealed. It puts quite a bit of strain on the existing plastic intake tubing and mount.  This is further magnified by the snug fit of all the parts and the fact that the engine moves during normal operation.  I found this out as the plastic mount on the OEM intake actually cracked on the first test drive.  To remedy this in the short I just removed the bolt holding the mount, but, I believe in not much time at all, if left like this, the existing OEM intake tube will crack and the entire thing will end up needing replaced.

I have reached out to both the vendor and the manufacturer to see what they think of this matter.  I feel a simple flex coupling or perhaps a pre-molded 20 degree bend silicone coupling would work well in place of the straight coupling and fix this issue easily.  It would perhaps be a flex coupling that is the best choice as it would allow some movement and relieve strain on the existing plastic when the engine moves. 

I will be following up with this issue in the full review of the product. 

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