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I need some help!

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I need some carb turning help. I have an Edelbrock 1805 650cfm carb. Weiand Warrior dual plane intake, and a Street Fire 8362 distributor. Total all in timing is like 35*, and I changed the mechanical advance springs to black.  Which brings total timing in around 2500 rpm. When I set the timing at this.. the base timing is 35 - 21 so 14* at idle. At this idle timing the engine idles so high I cant bring it down below 900rpm. any lower and the throttle plates stick.. This is with adjusting the mixture screws for best vac / rpm.  No vac leaks that I can find.   On the EFI Hondas I am used to working on I can stall the car out by messing with the throttle.. like.. near 0 air getting through 0 TPS and the IACV all the way shut. the plenum was near sealed.  Anyways.. this Edelbrock 1805 and the one before it were both like this.  

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