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1985 C10 New headers and exhaust

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1985 C10 Exhaust

Managed to pick up some nice long tube headers used for $40.. then things got out of control.  I now find myself with many parts of a 3" exhaust system, including 2 mufflers, some straight, some bends, and the newest edition.. an X pipe kit.

Jegs.. what gives.. no sticker?  Got a cool Pypes sticker though. 



I have to figure out what to do with the transmission cross member.. The left side is too low for the exhaust.  Hopefully going to look at another C10.. I think an 1985.. Maybe I can get the cross member from it and weld the two together.

Sorry for the poor image quality.. I was using my phone.. I cant find the little camera I use in the shop.


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