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eBay scam? come on! (updated)

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Well this certainly hasn't been a very good week.  I got a vibration in the truck, the Fit is leaking oil going back to the dealer AGAIN Monday), and the Honda Sport grill I ordered from eBay is the wrong item.  In fact.. its worse then that!  I ordered a Honda Sport grill for the Fit from a store on eBay who's name may or may not be published depending on the outcome.  The package arrived today.. I opened it to find a USED standard grill... just like the one that's on the car!  COME ON!  I have contacted the seller and will wait to hear back.. I really hope this is a genuine mistake.. though that seems to be happening a lot on eBay these days. This will make my 3rd bad purchase.


This is what it SHOULD have been.

fit sports grille


4/28/12   Well it wasn't a scam at least!  I heard back from the seller who issued me a full refund right away.  They said they get their parts from Honda dealers and failed to check what was in the box. I also noticed on one of the flaps it was hand written "08 Honda Fit Sport, 'org' grille".  I suppose someone looked at that and didn't make the connection between org and Original.  The HID kit I ordered before the gill (different seller) was wrong as well.  The bulbs and ballasts were correct, but the wiring harness was incorrect. A few purchases before that it was the new crankshaft for the Civic.  I had won an auction for a z6 crank and I was sent a ruined y8 crank.   Batting a thousand with eBay these days. 

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