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New engine going in the 'Heavy Chevy'

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Got around to installing the new engine in the C10 last weekend.  Everything went pretty smoothly. The engine was sourced from ATK High Performance Engines. Its a Stage 1 engine package producing a dyno proven 325hp and 373Lb Ft torque. Click here to see the product page.  I ordered mine with the water pump, dual plane intake, balancer, and flex plate.

Here are a few shots of it fresh out of the crate

IMG 6297 IMG 6298 IMG 6303

The engine was packaged and secured very well. There was not so much as a scratch on the box.  This engine was shipped by Old Dominion freight lines.

Here are some shots of the transmission getting bolted up.  This transmission is the same THM350 which was pulled from the truck. A friend at work who works on transmissions rebuilt it for me using high heat clutches and steels, new bands and bushings, as well as a B&M stage 2 shift improver.  He also replaced some worn and broken parts. I purchased a 2400rpm stall converter I am wishing now I would have gone with a 2800 or 3000.


After then engine and transmission were installed in the truck I started working on a custom set of plug wires.. I think they turned out pretty good!  The carburetor is the same one pulled from the 305 that was in the truck.  Its an Edelbrock 1405 600cfm.  A little small, but I am still running cast manifolds so its fine for now.  After the engine has some miles on it I will install a nice set of full length headers and a new exhaust. Then I will upgrade to a 650 or maybe even a 700cfm carb. 


For the first start I ran a name brand 10w30 along with Lucas zinc break in additive I got at Advance Auto. Primed the engine with my primer tool (old distributor base, shaft w/ gear removed and my cordless drill).  I spun the pump until I got good pressure for about 60 seconds and then installed the distributor.  At this point the carburetor, fuel lines and pump were dry. Since it had been 30 or so minutes since I had primed the engine I decided to turn it over on the starter before priming the fuel system.  After only a few seconds I got 20psi of oil pressure.  I then primed the carb with fuel and turned the key.  Engine fired right up! I checked the timing and ran the engine at varying speeds between 1800ish and 2700ish for 20 minutes. I started it and ran it 5 minutes but had to shut it down because of a fuel leak. I then started it and ran a full 20 minutes.  Shut off the engine, drained the oil and replaced it with 10w30 standard oil and a bottle of Lucas zinc break in additive. Everything has been great since. Although there is an issue with a oil drain plug.  Actually the oil pan itself. The drain plug bung is off center and thus the oil plug will no seal properly. I finally got it to stop leaking with the use of an O-Ring but it is not ideal. I am going to ask ATK if changing the oil pan to a cast aluminum pan would void my warranty.  I don't see why it should! 

Here is a video of the truck running.  A very crappy video taken with a crap camera. This was after the first carb adjustment, engine warm.

The Heavy Chevy starting after some carb work

I guess now its on to bodywork and paint!

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