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wow.. A new engine in the Fit?

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So in my previous entry I was griping about a knock I heard in the engine of the 2008 Honda Fit. Took it back to the dealer and they are going to replace the engine.  Sweet deal.  Actually they already have.  I started this blog entry and never finished it.  The Fit has had the engine replaced and I got it back about a week ago... as I write this however, its back at the dealer getting the windows tinted.  They gave me a 2012 Civic EX w/ Nav to drive.. pick the Fit up tomorrow.  I had a 2012 Accord LX for two weeks to drive while they were replacing the engine. The replacment engine was not new. It had 10k miles on it and was salvaged. It runs a heap quieter though so I'll take it.  I did a little scrubbing on it and it doesn't look too bad.

IMG 6344

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