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Truck engine swap

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I recently added a 1986 Chevy C10 Silverado to the fleet which was the replacement for my 1992 Accord.  I drove the truck around for a few months.. put a couple thousand miles on it and then the transmission went.  I figured I would pull the engine and transmission which is extremely easy.  A couple hours and both were out.  I sent the transmission over to a guy I work with to be rebuilt.  It's a Turbo 350 transmission, one of the cheapest to rebuild so I figured we might as well do it up right.  Going with some racing clutches, B&M stage 2 shift improver, and a 2400rpm 12" stall converter. 

When I started pulling the engine apart I was not happy with what I found.  The valve covers were filled with the tell tail sludge of a internal coolant leak.  I pulled the intake and heads off, but all the gaskets looked fine.  I never did find hard evidents of a gasket leak.  Seeing as how this is only a 305 V8 I figured I would take this opportunity to upgrade the engine as well.

Here are some photos... shiny bits in the transmission pan.. no good... and baby poop in the valve covers!


After much searching I settled on a performance engine from ATK high performance engines.

It should be here in a couple weeks!  Here's the build sheet.

Stage: 1
HP: 325
Engine Type: Chevy Small Block V8
Displacement (cu.in): 350
Block: O.E. Cast 4 Bolt
Bore / Stoke: up to 4.060 X 3.480
Crankshaft: OE 2 Piece Seal
Rods: Powder metal
Pistons: Hypereutectic
Rings: Moly
Camshaft Type: HYD. Flat Tappet
Camshaft Lift: .465 IN X .488 EX
Camshaft Duration @.50: 224 IN X 234 EX
Cylinder Head Type: OE Cast Iron
Chamber Size: 75 cc
Valve Size: 1.94 IN X 1.50 EX
Intake Runner Volume: OE
Compression Ratio: 8.9:1
Rocker Arm Type: Stamped Steel
Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.5:1
Sheet Metal: Chrome V/C T/C Black O/P
Recommended Fuel: 92 Octane
Ignition Timing: 36 Degrees Total Advance
Max RPM: 5800
Warranty: 24/Unlimited
Dyno Proven: YES
  Features and benefits
  High Quality Parts
  Sheet Metal Included
  Hypereutectic Pistons
  Dyno Proven
  Torque Plate Honed

All of their engines are balanced and blue printed.  Should make it a fun truck to drive.  



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