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New Car... Downgrade or upgrade??

Well its been a few days since I bought the Fit.. and I have driven a little over 150 miles in it.  I have to say I really like it.  Of course the biggest draw back for me is the lack of power.  This engine is very peaky.. but not unlike other Honda 4 cylinders I have owned.  It reminds me a lot of a 1991 Civic hatch I had... minus all the wind and road noise. I find the Fit to be surprisingly quiet on the highway with a hint of engine noise starting at 65 mph and a noticeable buzz at 70, at 60mph (55 posted) its not noticeable at all.  Unfortunately, there would be no way to take care of this other then to lower the RPM, which hovers just below 3000 at 60mph and up around 3500 at 70mph in the 5 speed manual sport.

At idle the engine is very quiet and vibration free with only the tachometer to let you know its still running.  I was not expecting this at all and would forgive a little vibration in the steering wheel from such a small car but the Fit has none.   Cold starts are also quiet outside of the car with no noticeable valve train noise or clatter. Only the usual injector click is audible.  The engines 6800 redline is lower then what I would expect, specially from such a small engine,  with 7200 being the norm in earlier years 1.5L engines.

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