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New Car... Downgrade or upgrade??

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From Accord EX-L V6 to Honda Fit Sport

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Well, my daughter and I stopped by the Honda dealer yesterday.  We looked at a Certified 2008 Honda Fit Sport 5 speed manual.  Test drove and talked with a salesman..  Ran some numbers and it looked like I might trade the blue Accord in on it.  Its going to be kind of an amenities shock going from an EX-L Accord V6 down to a Fit.. Specially the drop from 240HP to 109HP.

Well I picked up the car the following Monday and I am already looking for more power.  I guess just dreaming at this point but I am sure it will happen once the warranty is up.

SO!  Lets get right into that...  get some boost options up here.

KraftWerks Store  >>  Honda Fit  >>  07-08 Honda Fit Base Supercharger System (Manual)

Or the upgrade to that. 

KraftWerks Store  >>  Honda Fit  >>  07-08 Honda Fit High-Boost Supercharger System

There are also some eBay kits out there for around $1,199 but they come with no fuel management.


The '03 Accord was a nice car.. but I also had a lot of problems with it.  Shortly after I purchased the car used from a dealer the transmission went out.  Lucky it was replaced under dealer warranty.  I also talked the dealer into paying for a 1 yr 100k mile extended warranty.. and I am glad I did.  Shortly before the 100k mile mark the main oil seal went which was also replaced under the extended warranty.

Other things wrong

  • Interior rattles!
  • ELD needed replaced in the fuse box
  • Front brake noise and uneven wear

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