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Painting windshield cowling and some other parts

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One thing I cant stand is when plastic parts start to fade.  One of the usual culprits is the plastic at the bottom of the windshield.  To fix this I removed the wiper arms and took the plastic out.  On this 2003 Accord this piece happens to be in two pieces for easier removal.  While I had the paint out I decided to dress up the engine intake plate a little bit.




The cowling was cleaned and painted using Plasti-Kote Vinyl Color in flat black.  The reason I used vinyl color instead of spray paint is because of the vinyl colors ability to flex and remain flexible after dry. There is paint made specifically for this application, usually called plastic trim paint or something of the like.  I find this method works just as well and is durable.


For some reason the intake plenum cover had been calling me to paint it for a while now so I finally got around to doing that.  First sandblasting and cleaning the part and then spraying two coats of flat black.  I finished off by filing the paint off the top of the word HONDA.  Using a circular pattern I was able to give the part a somewhat machined finish.


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