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Oil and spark plugs

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New plugs and an oil change in the 2003 Accord.  The old plugs did not look too worn at all but they were pretty seized in the head so I am thinking they were the original high mileage iridium plugs from the factory. Left in any longer and I am almost positive one or more would have twisted off trying to remove them so good to change them a little early and save a lot of work later.  Plus I am not one that subscribes to the 100k mile plug theory anyway.  Looks good from a maintenance standpoint but I would rather use standard copper plugs and change them every 20 - 30k.

Converted to fully synthetic motor oil as well.  Glad to find that the oil filter placement on this engine is MUCH easier to get to then on the I4 engines. In fact I didn't have to get under the car to change the oil at all.  Can do it all through the passenger side wheel well, awesome.

I also have ordered some Redline D4 ATF and a Magnefine filter which I am hoping to get replaced and installed before my trip to Indiana later this month.  I have heard really positive things about running the Redline D4 fluid in these cars as opposed to the trusty Honda Z1 which isn't looking so trusty the more I read.  I had previously converted to Valvoline ATF in the 92 Accord with good results as well.  Less friction modifiers create a more positive precise shift.  I will write an article on the change to Redline D4 and filter installation.

P.S. A few minute after I finished the above entry the Magnefine filter arrived.

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