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2003 Accord Tuneup and RANT!

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 I have noticed a slight change in the behavior of the transmission of the 2003 Accord so I went over that checking sensors and connectors.  I guess I never went into that whole ordeal.  Too keep it short, I recently bought a 2003 Accord, 89k miles. The transmission completely lost 3rd gear 5 days after I bought the car.  The dealer was awesome though and replaced the transmission at no cost to me BUT as it turns out there are some major design flaws in these transmissions.  Read here!  Horror stories abound of people replacing the transmission in these cars 2 and even 3 times before the 100k mile mark.  So even though this transmission was just replaced I am on the look out for any change in behavior that may indicate a potential problem. 

Other then that I replaced the air cleaner and purchased oil and an oil filter.  Nothing too exciting.  


While I was at the parts store I decided to pick up a fuel filter for the 03 Accord as well. Not such an uncommon thing to change during a tune up right?  Well, apparently to Honda it is. N/S.. Not Serviceable.  Thats right.  Can't change the fuel filter on this car.  The fuel filter, fuel pump and gauge sending unit are all together and in the fuel tank.  What the heck!  I guess it uses the same magic that the transmission filter that never needs changed uses.  Oh Honda.. quite the dreamer you are.  A little put off by the fuel filter deal, I went on to other things but found I couldnt get the correct spark plugs either. I went to two different parts stores both out of stock.  Its an Accord!! Why are parts so hard to get??


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